Saturday, June 15, 2013

River Safari Singapore

Finally awaited till Friday! Our team headed off to River Safari after our lunch buffet!
So we went to River Safari with SAVH yesterday for the Z-Mazing Race! SAVH(Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped) is an organisation for the people with disability. The social committee of my group partners with them for many fun activities :D
Our task there was to help the SAVH members and also exploring the safari using own five senses with them.
My team of five, managed two of the members from SAVH.

River Safari is the only river-themed zoo in Singapore. Main attractions are the Giant Pandas; Jia Jia and Kai Kai, the Red Panda Bear, Manatee just to name a few.
It was opened in early this year, situation in between the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari.

telok ayer

singapore zoo

After we alighted, we headed off to the concierge for further information but guess what we saw?! Mascots!
singapore zoo
Me and the red panda :D

red panda mascot
With Kaikai and Jiajia, the pandas :D
Fitria took the photos for me!

panda bear mascot
Beautiful Veronica :)

river safari
So here we go! River Safari!

river safari
I don't know how to call this, but it's really cool where we viewed people from the top and they could view us back from the bottom. We down there eventually when we were back. This is where we could see the Giant River Otters as well!   

river safari

river safari
We headed to Mississippi for our first stop. Need to find the stations for the race!

snapping turtle
Guess what turtles are they?! The one on the left is the Alligator Snapping turtle and the one next to it is a Common Snapping Turtle! Always wanted to get all these sort of turtles! I used to have a Soft Shell Turtle but she died! :( And some pig nosed turtles but were given away. :( Don't know where they are now...

inside the river safari

inside the river safari

inside the river safari
First Station.. 

The tank is very huge! 
If you ever saw the description(at the top) you will notice how big and strong these carps are! 


Yang Tze River...

Not sure the name of this baby alligator but it is sleeping! 

The Golden Pheasant is sleeping as well!

The Red Panda is very cute! 

Food that they are preparing for the two pandas called Jia Jia and Kai Kai. 
This is Kai Kai, did not managed to see Jia Jia. He was eating a lot!

Panda shop! 
Panda restaurant! 
The chairs are in Panda designs as well! 
Next station, the Minesweeper game! 
Even the drinks are in panda designs as well!!! 

Amazon Flooded Forest... 
ghost fish
Ghost Fish! Used to keep some, but they died! 
piranha fish
Piranha! They were starring at us and not moving! 
Inside the Amazon Flooded Forest! Super huge aquarium! I love the aircon inside. The view, and the scenery as well. Reminds me of The Titanic at Marina Bay Sands last year where I went with Geir. Super romantic. I kept thinking of art, what I would like to paint for a new painting.
Then suddenly, I thought of H again... H knows I love animals, still remember he wanted to bring me to Sun City and see animals as well...

baby manatee
Baby manatee?! 
baby manatee

So we were out after that. Headed to KFC and they even have this mural! Was a bit lonely for me as we were the second team to finish this race and I don't know anyone else there, so no one to talk to and I waited for Fitria, luckily I found her and Veronica as well!
singapore zoo illustrate

A peacock walked passed us!
ulu ulu restaurant
Dinner at Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant, just beside the Night Safari! Super expensive food though! 
ulu ulu restaurant

To sum up, I really love animals! I hope to go to the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari the next time round!

I will be updating soon, you can always check out my blog! :)

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