Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Walk at The Promotory at Marina Bay

I took this in the morning! I was looking at the Google Map and I really wondered how to go to Marina Bay Sands in five minute! How am I supposed to go from Tanjong Pagar to Shenton Way to Maxwell to Central boulevard... It always takes me 15 minutes to there. 

Top view from Springleaf tower Singapore

Shakshuoka, israeli cusine, middle eastern cusine
Finally, I went to Pita & Olives. It was a nightmare when they don't accept cards but cash. I ordered Shakshuoka and waited for like 15-20minutes. The boss said it's only available in Israel and they are from Israel of course. I asked where he is from and he pronounced it in Arabic! Lol. I was really confused till he showed me the words there, they even have a poster of Jerusalem. Israel is one of my favourtie places as well and it is in one of my travel lists. 

The restaurant is pretty small and quiet. I like the environment pretty much but it is a bit crumpy. Of course it is a little bit slow. Hmmm I am still trying to decide whether I should go here regularly or Urban Bites. Unfortunately they don't offer set lunch as compared to Urban Bites and my favourite lamb and namoura! I am not sure how Halva taste, when he showed it to me, it doesn't look appealing though. 

Meanwhile I was sitting and waiting for the arrival of my shakshuka, there came two Israelis and one of them is arab I am sure. The funny was, due to the lack of space, he seated opposite to me with his colleague I presumed. He asked me how was the food that he was ordering the same as me. I told him it was good. To be honest, it tastes pretty nice and I like it, but I do not like the waiting time. I wondered why I thought he was Fayssal?! I hope I will meet him again. 

On a second thought, I might go to Satay by the Bay since there's a free shuttle bus to there during lunchtime in CBD. So I don't know, we will see. I wanted to go today but the bus doesn't come so I went to the washroom and it left without me! :( 
Then I went to Thian Hock Keng temple to pray as well as visiting the Seng Hon Beo Temple.

The weather was very beautiful yesterday at 18h15. I took some shots again and I went to the The Promotory @ Marina Bay again. I think I will be going there everyday. I just want to see the weather and the tall buildings, also to remember the old times I have once shared with Fayssal. I just want to be happy...

Marina Bay Finance Centre Tower Singapore, Marina Bay Sands
Reflection of Marina Bay Sands from the Marina Bay Finance Centre Tower. This would be a perfect shot if the man did not walk passed!! 
OUE Bayfront

Look! I am at The Promotory @ Marina Bay walking towards Marina Bay Sands! The weather was just extremely beautiful...

The Sail at Marina Bay
The Sail @ Marina Bay

Here was where the sun started to set and it wasn't so nice anymore... But I still love it! 
This platform wasn't made before me and Fayssal last came here!

There is also a carnival running for these few days! They are just mini ones, designed for the children. Flea market is for the adults.

Mini carousel

I love Marina Bay so much!!

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