Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hello CBD!

I am back to CBD finally.

New job. New work. New task. New life. Rediscovery... Even after a wrong choice... wrong decision...

So I am working inside a skyscraper building now. I even have a welcome sign!
springleaf tower singapore

omd singapore welcomes joanna lai

Trying to stay positive. Didn't expect I will be going to River Safari again and it's this Friday!!!!
I went to meet up with Florence today at 100am, didn't expect there was a buffet in the office as well, was planning to go to Pita & Olives, thought it was level one and couldn't find; it is located at level three when I searched again on the web.
I might be going there tomorrow or I might go to The Bank Bar at Asia Square for some vodka. :)
I have been praying a lot. I went to Thian Hock Keng Temple ever since I started my first job there. I already have a feeling there, hence I will still go back to pray.

Fact is, I have been thinking a lot. I will see where life takes me in the upcoming months. The person once cared for me has left, the other one as well. The last one told me he cares from the moment we met, but he doesn't care anymore. He has been too busy occupied with other stuff.
I realised I have been trapped in this African's doctrine that is where I will never get out... Heinz... Fayssal...

Guess what? I am also going back to Marina Bay Sands! I just love the happy moments there that I once shared with Fayssal.
For me, Marina Bay Sands will always be a very special place in my heart.
In fact, I was there yesterday but I forgotten to bring my camera.
I have decided to be bold enough to walk further in to explore the views and the buildings there The Promontory at Marina Bay. I am not sure why the river is pretty polluted and has a strong smell though and I thought I saw fish!

marina bay sands singapore
The Promontory towards Marina Bay Sands
custom house, fullerton bay hotel, oue bayfront singapore
OUE Bayfront

OUE Bayfront singapore
Whenever I see these tall buildings, I would look at them and tell myself not to go back as soon as I can. I just want to stay there to look at them as much as I can. The night view is even better I guess or vice versa. The night view showcases the light and the Wonder Full which would reflect from the buildings. In the day, I would be able to see the buildings clearly. 
Wondered if I would be able to stay here someday, after all, there's already a feeling for me in here.
the sail at marina bay singapore
The Sail @ Marina Bay
marina bay sands singapore

louis vuitton marina bay sands
I saw this beautiful display inside The Shoppes of Louis Vuitton

Not sure if I would have the opportunity to go to Spike Asia this coming Sunday. I am going to ask for it again tomorrow since I already emailed Laura today. Otherwise, I would be deadly depressed. 

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