Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Paya Beach Tioman Island

Last weekend, me and Vahan went to Paya Beach at Tioman Island.

I was very happy and was really looking forward to that. I woke up at 5-ish am, got my stuff done and waited for his call!
Being impatient, I called him. The funny thing was, he did not want to bring his phone and that would be terrible for me because how could one meet without contact?! Ended up, I didn't bring my phone as well and we met at Bugis MRT Station; to be exact, I waited for him at the platform of the MRT once I stepped out of it. We agreed to meet at 7am sharp there, I was waiting for the bus and the train hurrying, and I reached at the MRT at 0705am, he was not there. I waited and waited for like ten minutes and I turnaround, saw him running towards me. I was glad he came. I thought he was not going to come.

Next, we went to the Queen Street Bus Terminal to take a bus which was SGD$2.40 to Johor and took the Maju Express from there at 9am to Mersing. I guessed it costs about RM11.40?!
The bus journey was long to Mersing. Daphne proposed us to take the air plane, but come to think about it, it was not worth as we were only going there for 2 days 1 night. Upon alighting, we went to Island Connection Travel & Tours to book the ferry to Tioman!

genting village malaysia
The ferry stopped at Genting Village before heading to Paya Beach/ Paya Village 

Clear blue-aqua marine water 
waves at tioman island
Beautiful waves 
waves at tioman island

waves at tioman island

Kumpung Paya Paya Beach Malaysia
Going to check in to our resort. I thought he already booked online that we would be staying at Paya Beach Resort and he told me he didn't in the end because the last time he was there with his family, they didn't get a good room and he thought he could ask them for a better one. I really wanted to kill him because he didn't tell me beforehand and the receptionists told us all rooms were full because it was the weekend. 

She then proposed us to go to the next one at the back. The rooms weren't very nice and they were pretty old :( We have got no choice to stay there... I really don't feel like elaborating it and was a bit mad when he didn't book and told me!!!

Later, we went for a swim there and I went for snorkelling as well. I have never tried snorkelling before and he was the one who taught me, asked me to try and experience it.
I saw many marine fishes, sea urchins and (ouchs) I stepped onto many corals and it hurt very bad...

After that, we went back to the room for a quick shower as it was raining drizzlingly for awhile then we went for dinner. 

Carrot juice from the BBQ restaurant 

Then we went for a night walk, I also bought some turtles for my cousins' children and for Sixtine as well, ate ice cream and nuts. He wanted to go back to the sea to swim again and it was really very dark that I could hardly see anything. He insisted me going because it was his desire to swim at the night and I really don't want to go. On his way, he said I could sit down at the restaurant and talked to the receptionist and waited for him or go back to the room and waited for him. I just don't want him to leave me... I was very disappointed and still considering whether we would be able to hang out again together... 
In the end, he didn't go and I was very glad that he didn't leave me... Otherwise, I would be very scared...

It was a very tiring day and the next day, we couldn't wake ourselves up! I saw his watch was 8am and my body was very tired and we slept again till 0930am. 
As we would be checking out 13h00, after his good bargain with the owner for letting us to stay there for a night instead of paying for the price of two nights which was a minimum, I hurried changed my swimwear and we went back to the sea again. 
It just felt very good, calm and peaceful that I forgotten about everything and that I do not want to head back to Singapore ever again! Lol. 

Snorkelling and I was having sun burn on my face. It was already like 1030am I supposed.

He asked me to go back by myself again and the tides were rising... He told me the way and I was a bit disappointed... When I turned back, he was swimming behind me. He never left me..  
On the way back to the resort. 
Beautiful sky with green trees. 
Bye bye Paya Village! 
Later we took the ferry to Tanjung Gemok. It was really a nightmare just like what Daphne and Tanguy mentioned! 2ish hours!!! After that, we took the transport bus back to Singapore and that was 3ish hours again! I fainted... Motion sickness is not able to avoid for me.. The next time, if I were to go to Tioman Island again, I would definitely take the plane and not ferry anymore. 

joanna lai vahan senikyan
Me and Vahan :) 
The photo is blurred because my camera is not a good one and it was very dark in the night! I love him a lot. He took care of me during our entire journey there, yet, I feared he would leave me...

I am not sure when we would be meeting again. Since the first time we met, we have been seeing each other often, but this weekend, he will be going for a barbeque and we would not meeting today and even tomorrow. He said he would let me know again...
The fact that we have been arguing lately as well... I do not want this to happen but some things can't be avoided... He also knew some stuff about me...
I don't know really. No time to think of it I guess. Too busy with work after I have got back.
I told him about Fayssal and how we first met at Marina Bay Sands etc. He asked me to be positive and I really appreciate that. 

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