Friday, August 23, 2013

A night at Sentosa Boardwalk

Second day of work.
I love the people there. At least, they are better people. I love them, I love the working environment. Lively, busy is what I am looking for. I will miss them very soon.

I went out with Vahan to the Boardwalk at Sentosa yesterday. He didn't bring the access pass and we didn't go in. Normally we would.
We sit at one of the benches around and he painted henna for me. :)) Many passerbys were looking as well lol.

henna drawing from an armenian
Vahan drawing the henna for me. 
promenade at sentosa vivocity
The Promenade at Sentosa 
promenade at sentosa vivocity

henna design from an armenian
What do you see in this piece of hand art? :)

I see two rings, many leaves, two birds, an eye and a girl :))

We argued again unfortunately. :(
I never wanted to. He wasn't like this when I met him for the first few times... Maybe he has truly realised what I was looking for was just truly friendship and nothing else.
When we argued for the first time and even yesterday, I thought about H... I wondered when we could be back together...
It was all about the paying of our food.
Why must we split the amount of bill? Why couldn't he pay, vice versa? I never like the idea of bill sharing. I never do this when I was with Fayssal as well.
Vahan is very special to me. After all these years of living, I barely have any friends. I just want us to be happy...
He was drunk the other night when he drank too much rum. The words he said to me, his expressions, his gesture and everything, reminded me of Fayssal. Even every time we walk passed Sentosa/ Marina Bay Sands/ Esplanade, I will always remember the long walk I once shared with Fayssal. Sometimes when he looked into my eyes, I wanted ask if he is Fayssal or Heinz...
I really hoped we don't argue again.
We are going to Tioman Island tomorrow and I hope all will be good! I just want us to be happy whenever we are together...

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