Sunday, July 7, 2013


Howzit, didn't know the world is so small that it took me sometime to figure out who you are and we did meet before.
Was really hoping and did hope we could meet again.
Nevertheless, just want to thank you for being so kind and helpful during those days.
Hope you are safe wherever your travelling to.

Always take care  ”

Hmmm... A very interesting person told me this:"Life is full of meetings and partings.. If you got lost searching for a place, what will you do??? Go round in circles or move ahead hoping you will find the place you're searching for?? Anyway, some things are just not meant for some people but do you pick yourself up when you fall down?? That's the biggest question you have to figure out yourself.. Hope my riddle is of help to you.." 
Leads me back to H and F.

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