Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Long Gone Day

Dear Creator, tell me what I am supposed to do? Two months down the road. My dream has been bashed. -Dubai  I have long lost my confidence and courage. It has been banished to half. The burning torch inside me has starting to extinguish.
I am left with Vahan.

When we met for the second time, I asked him for monetary. I didn't mean it seriously when I asked for it. Because I will never ask anyone for monetary. I always listen to what Heinz has taught me. I questioned him and asked him whether I should go, he said he wouldn't want me to. I was in denial. I wanted to keep this friendship very much.

After our trip back from Tioman, he said we shouldn't be meeting each other too often. I am causing harm to him. The texts that he sent to me have changed as well...

I hugged him, telling him not to leave me. He said at some point in life, he has to. As the saying goes, nothing last forever... :(

I have been deadly depressed ever after since I started this new job. Late hours. Excessive of vodkas. Heavy work loads.

Alice in Chains, Mad Season... Layne is my drug.

Life and the world suck, everyone has their struggles, issues, demons, voices. It's easy to talk crap when your not standing in there.

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