Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sentosa with Juvi

I went to Palawan beach at Sentosa with Juvi today. Long journey!

siloso beach


juvi eating
Juvi eating his meal.

juvi the miniature schnauzer
I held because he saw one of his furry friends!

juvi the miniature schnauzer
I love Juvi, he means everything to me! :)

me and juvi

Flying ears!

I just need a break from everything here... Zed called, must be Elcel or Robert. I have sent them an email, as well as Esra. They must be very disappointed, as much as I am...

An acquaintance from Canada told me, "why postpone it if u worked so hard for it this time ?" 
Do you really think I wanted to? As much as they wanted me, and as much as I wanted...
I wanted to cry when I sent them those emails... 

My future's ain't so bright anymore...

They called a couple of times, they really want me...

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