Friday, August 16, 2013

The Night across Marina Bay Sands

Busy day.
I wrote in today and received an email from Rachel asking me to get down in the evening. Finally got to see her in person. I am really hoping for good news.
Well, I met a new friend a two weeks ago. We actually went to Sentosa together. He is from Armenia and his name is Vahan and he is such a funny person.
Not trying to stay negative, but I believe our friendship would not last long, despite going out almost every day.
I just want a normal friend, a friendship, I believe it is difficult to find one. An acquittance once said to me that I don't have to look for the right one but I just have to be the right one.

After I met Rachel, we went down to Thai Express at The Esplanade. Luckily I called in the morning to reserve the Mango Sticky Rice and Avocado Milkshake, otherwise, they were going to tell us that it is out of stock, just like the other week.

Mango Glutinous Rice
Mango Glutinous Rice S$6.80
Kway Teow Roll with Minced chicken and tofu
Kway Teow Roll with Minced chicken and tofu S$10.30
Dark Soya Tofu
Dark Soya Tofu S$9.30
The menu states Tofu but they shouldn't put this. It is misleading because it is tokwa and it is obviously different from tofu even though they are the same species.
Craypot Glass Noodle
Craypot Glass Noodle S$15.60
Well it was very oily with just one crayfish only. Generally it is not worth it. 

I had Avocado Milkshake and he had Chiangmai Mango smoothie.
This was my second to Thai Express there, the waiters and waitresses are too busy and always serving us the wrong food haha. I don't really like it but the food are average. I just like the location and the crowd of course. They are hard working people.
But I have to agree with Vahan that Thai Accent is better. Unfortunately, they do not have Avocado Milkshare and the Mango Sticky Rice is always out of stock.
And my god, the total bill was S$64.03. The next time when we go out, I will definitely not going to order so much! Yesterday we went to Sushi Tei and it was S$50+ because he said what I liked I can order and I ended up ordering so much, just like now haha.

Then we went up to the rooftop of Esplanade to see the beautiful night view of Marina Bay Sands as well as the buildings across.
Night View of Marina Bay Sands
Very beautiful!! 
Wonder Full @ Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Laser beam and Wonder Full 
It is shown every night.
Sunday-Thursday: 20h00 and 21h30
Friday, Saturday: 20h00, 21h30, 23h00

The Crowd at the Esplanade

The Buildings in CBD Singapore

Every time when I walked pass here, I will always think about my happy moments with Fayssal. I really wondered what he was doing at that moment. Four hours of difference... 

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