Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Happy birthday Fayssal!

This person turned my world upside now.

I am still in dilemma. He has broadened my views and perspective I supposed...

Can't decide. Since Franck's negative response, I am not heading to Paris.

I am still trying to sort out between Dubai and Singapore.

My heart is still in Dubai.

I am not sure.

Today is Fayssal's birthday. I should have forgotten about him a long, long time ago, but I just couldn't. I missed the happiness that we once shared. I will never forget about the happiness we once shared when we were together... Those moments we have spent together were priceless...

I have decided to send him an email wishing him happy birthday. Exactly couple of months back, I keyed in his birthday onto my mobile and said I will wish him happy birthday. He told me the ones who had wished him Happy Birthday were always late.
I hope I am on time. :)

Happy Birthday Fayssal !
I hope you are safe wherever you are!
I hope we meet again soon and that you take care of yourself. Let me know what happens with you.


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