Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Henna Art

A brand new start for tomorrow, I hope! :) Rachel texted me and everything is confirmed.

I went to Little India- Buffalo Road for a walk and exploring Singapore a little bit. Another thing was to get Henna/ Mehndi done as I have always wanted to do this. :) Vahan knows it and I hope he could do it for me someday as well :)

I got Henna being done onto my right hand and it costs only SGD$5 at a shop. The lady applied on the Natural Henna onto my hand and it took two hours for it to dry. 
Arabic design.
Almost dry. 
When it is dried, I will removed it and it turns to orange-brown colour. 
I bought a few Henna tubes back and did these by myself! :)
I love arabic calligraphy. 

I will pass one tube to Daphne next week for Sistine :)
Maybe I will be going to Tioman Island with Vahan over the weekend. I really don't know how to begin our conversation for tomorrow. Everything seems different now... Even the way we texted... I don't know how to continue this. I don't know whether our friendship will end. I don't know whether he will scold me again tomorrow. He is controlling.

Daphne actually asked about Fayssal today. I said he went back to States instead...

I have notifications on Facebook via email. Out of curiosity, I opened it and saw I have 18 unread messages after for not having logged on for almost two years.
I wondered if there were any recent one for me and who were those persons sending me the messages? Heinz, was it you? Do all these 18 messages come from you? I hope we could do things together and talked to each other like we always did in the past...

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