Monday, August 19, 2013

SSO Singapore Symphony Orchestra at the Botanic Gardens Singapore

I went to the Botanic Gardens to see the SSO(Singapore Symphony Orchestra) with Vahan yesterday. I didn't know it would be so crowded!
There were many people; couples, families having picnics, expatriates having picnics with their dogs etc. I should have bring Juvi but I was meeting him at Marina Bay Sands.
chocolate fountain at Rest restaurant Marina Bay Sands
The Chocolate Fountain at Rise Restaurant 
chocolate fountain at Rest restaurant Marina Bay Sands
Vahan was making one for me and everyone was looking at me whilst I was eating and walking. I do not really like the chocolate, it is a little bit too sweet, I still prefer chocolat noir!

It was really very hot but they played really nice music, even though I am not a fan of it. I really wondered if there's ever a Rock music concert in Singapore.
I was listening to their music whilst playing Minion Rush and Candy Crush on his tablet haha.
an event happening at the botanic gardens singapore

singapore symphony orchestra at the botanic gardens

Before that, I went to a family house to book our next trip to Siam Reap! Can't wait!

We went to walk around the Botanic Gardens and I saw many reptiles which made me happy!
There were people feeding the tortoises, turtles and fishes.
A very nice expatriate couple with their child were feeing the reptiles with baguette and gave us some to feed as well.
Fishes and a red slider 
Pig nosed turtle 
Soft Shelled Turtle! 
A goose resting

I missed my soft shelled turtle and my pig nosed turtles very much! One of my soft shelled turtles who I loved the most died and one of my pig nosed turtles died as well. I got very sad and we gave away to others... These species were very popular back then in Singapore till they were banned in pet shops and I barely see any in any pet shops now. 

Later, we went to Plaza Singapura to have dinner. I was soooooo upset with him. I don't why he wants to change me... There is no way for me to change anything!!!! I don't know why he would say something to hurt me, if he is not able to get along with me or adapt to the culture in Singapore, why can't he just go back and tell me we don't meet again? We didn't meet today and tomorrow as well. I am not sure about Wednesday.. There is just too much misunderstandings between us...
He showed me some of his photos, these photos that I have seen, looked very familiar... And they reminded me of Heinz... 
After much considerations, and the fact that I got so hurt that I cried, I have decided to go back to work... In that case, we won't be seeing each other more often... 

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