Sunday, September 8, 2013

My One Month Journey with a Special person

So after I left Newton, I went to Harbourfront to look for Vahan. Also, it was our last meeting I believed... I don't know really.

We went to Keppel Bay Vista just to enjoy the scenery...

keppel bay vista singapore

keppel bay vista singapore

keppel bay vista singapore

That night was really beautiful. Also, it was about to rain and I twisted my ankle and it was hell lot of pain. But nothing beats the one that you love and care was finally leaving soon. I really felt his care towards me even though I knew what he was looking for. He never left me. I thought of spending the night with him but it rained heavily. He watched me went up to the cab and I waved at him. Heavy rain and he cycled back home without an umbrella. I asked whether he would go tomorrow, he told me he was still considering. I didn't ask again, I believe he would... I don't know how to deal with it as well. I wouldn't want him to leave me but I cannot be selfish. I asked if we would be able to meet again and he told me it wouldn't be possible to meet two persons at the same time but we could as good times old friend... So here it goes:

Dear Vahan

I understand that we won't be able to continue this anymore. It also hurts me a lot. Truth that I found out, bothers me a lot. When I wanted to change it, it did not allow and you changed it more quicker than me. Just like Fayssal.
I wish you all the best with the new girl. I wish you all the best in what your looking for.
I will always remember all the happy moments we once shared together.
Our trip to SentosaResort WorldsEsplanade,Vivocity, seeing animals, eating mooncakes together, attending music concerts together at the Botanic Gardens and NUS to see beautiful Gulnara Mashurova, Tioman Island, Keppel Bay...
Thank you for all these while. Thank you for spending your time with me whilst the time I did not go to Dubai- which I made the wrong decision and met you... Thank you for all the laughters and jokes, the places that I have never been to, things that you taught me and wanted me to be independent... Thank you for the care and share you have once given to me. Thank you for this whole month. It was priceless. I really love days like these and wished it will never stop forever. But as the saying goes, nothing last forever...
I will never forget that. I love you always and you know that.

Maybe your right, I should have listened to you in the first place ever since you sent me that message. Natively, I believed you would change, I believe your not like this.
Talking about change, your right. A person changes when he or she is not satisfied. I understand that your not satisfied with this present.

I have to let you go. I cannot be selfish. I kept looking at my phone, natively thinking you would still care.
You told me the moment we met, you started to care about me, I felt that, but not after the second day in Tioman, because I never give in to what you wanted...

I cherished this friendship a lot... I hope we would still be able to get back someday...

You looked me in the eye. I looked in to your eye. But this wasn't the happiness I was yearning for. I even asked if your Fayssal.

As much as I love you wholeheartedly, as much as I care very much about you wholeheartedly, you found someone and you no longer need me. 
I love you always Vahan. You will always be a very special person in my heart...

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