Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A walk to the Satay by The Bay

So I took the bus yesterday to Satay by The Bay. That was my first time there! I was pretty excited. I just want to explore around during my stay here in CBD.

Satay by the Bay entrance

It was located just next to Gardens by The Bay. I thought there is going to be a row of restaurants but it is a food court featuring all the local delicacies. I had chicken rice. The staff or the stall vendors were pretty polite and nice. The food court is pretty wide and big. I guessed it would be very crowded at night. 

It is pretty quiet in the noon and the free shuttle bus is being sponsored by Satay by The Bay for the people in CBD to come here for lunch. 
Sometimes, I think running a business in F&B might be tough. It all depends on the quality of the food, the quantity of the food and the location as well. But one thing I love about F&B are the people. They are very hardworking people as my mum was one of them as well.

I am still trying to explore the areas around Satay by The Bay.

Hippopotamus beside Satay by The Bay Singapore
Hippopotamus beside Satay by The Bay

The bridge brought me closer to Gardens by The Bay 
The pond. It seems pretty dirty and the leaves were turning more yellowish. 

Buffaloes by the Bay Singapore
Buffaloes at work! 

Going towards Gardens by The Bay. 
joanna lai
Just taking a photo of myself :) Windy day! I was glad it didn't rain!

I saw the Singapore Flyer! I have never seated at the Singapore Flyer before, I was there last year for a job interview but it didn't happen and I was glad. Just suddenly thought of Fayssal. We had the intention to go up there but it was pretty expensive and that time for the both of us, so we didn't go. I am just very happy whenever I thought of the both of us. :) In fact, back then I was really happy. Ah well, life still has to go on... 

That was only a walk through in Satay by The Bay. I haven't have got the time to go to Gardens by The Bay yesterday, otherwise, I would have missed the bus. In fact, I took the shutter bus today and went to Gardens by The Bay. So stay tuned, I will be updating soon!

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