Thursday, June 6, 2013

Spizza's Review

So I went out for lunch with my team to Spizza.

Located at: 29 Club St, Singapore 069414

Nice location, quiet, less crowd; partly it's expensive for the crowds I presumed.

Ordered my favourite mushroom soup! But why is it so blended and tasteless?! Hence we rejected them. Maybe they added too much water and till the taste was gone!

Pizzas were alright. Unique thing about the pizzas are, each of these pizzas has their own Names on it! Claudia, Anna, Gina ... etc.

We ordered Quinta, Rebecca(why no chillis?!), Tara, Vittoria, Claudia, Calamasi, and drinks.

Pretty much love their pizzas, especially all those whom have got mushrooms inside! I really love the fresh mushrooms!

The calamasi is really chewy and tender!!

My laptop's down, no photos to post, will update soon!

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