Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Still hoping for you to come back

As soon as I started this job, thought all was going well for me but no... Just really sicked and tired of everything. Teaching as well. No life. Work everyday. Monday to Sunday.

So upset, so confused, so lost. Don't know what is happening. I have no one to talk to. F is gone, H is not coming back I guessed... I really don't know what to do...

I don't know why Daniel emailed me a few days ago and I though he has forgotten me and no longer care anymore... Internally, he has helped me so much and I really appreciate that. Because of him, reminded so much of myself how much I have helped F...

Almost two years.. Maybe I should have wake up... I don't know..

Everyone's seem so fake...Shallow... Judgmental...

I just can't wait till Friday for River Safari. Company's offside event. I love animals of course! Heinz knows that! :)

H I really hope we can be together soon... 虽然在一起的时间段站,但我一直都很珍惜我们之间的一切。。。

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