Thursday, October 3, 2013

Long gone happiness

I was out with Lev yesterday. He was saying, it doesn't make any sense when we just chat and couldn't meet. He has a point. 
So we met at City Hall and went to Marina Bay Sands whilst walking again! Nightmare and so stubborn.. Lol. 
I was pretty upset yesterday.. But ah well, glad we met. 
We were at the Padang and saw a little small crocodile swimming there. It was just so cute! 
marina bay sands, art science museum

the buildings of central business district

the buildings of central business district
I took this at 19ish! :)

Just chatting and not much, I am too boring for him. He is very different from Vahan. Of course, everyone is different. In fact, I was thinking about my happy moments with Fayssal. :)
I wondered a lot about Fayssal that I dreamt of him! It was a long conversation between me and Fayssal in the dream, that he was finally back again and we met again :) 
Really very happy moments... Maybe because I went to the place where us used to walk..
The problem I realised is, no matter what kind of persons I met, they will never be the same like Fayssal... because everyone is different :( 

To be honest, I am still not over it- Dubai. I told Sasha as well but ah well yeah... I even told her about the second reason going to Dubai is because of Fayssal. I meant come on, since you would be there, might as well take the opportunity to find him as well! Just want to know he is safe and that's all and nothing else!!! 

I really thought about Fayssal. And listening to Justin Timberlake- Mirrors. 

"If you ever feel alone and the glare makes me hard to find 
Just know that I'm always parallell on the other side"
I just can't wait till my trip to Vietnam! Oh yes, Fayssal would be shocked to know if I would be travelling again! That just what I always do! :)
I told Thong and I really thought he booked a hotel for me there and he was planning to fetch me because he would be working that day at HCM. What a coincidence and luckily he didn't book for me otherwise, why is my liberty?! 

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