Saturday, September 27, 2014

JWT Singapore 150 Years

Me, Angelia, Ravi, Benedict, Sean, Harry(viet) and Chun Kwon(kor), the spike asia.

Shouldn't have go, thanks to Ben and all :)
I won't do it again. I had 10-12 shots of vodkas(yeah, no cosmopolitan but Cape Codder and Madras were always there), and a glass of champagne. Alors, je n'ai oublie pas mon francais :)
Ahhhhhhh shove it! It was a cleansing anyways. My phlegms that were stuck in my throats for years were finally gone! The crazy hungover. I could handle a few years ago, not after this. My health has started to deteriorate after this.
Going back to spiritual. No longer the mundane world! But I love JWT!

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