Tuesday, September 23, 2014

True happiness and Happiness

True happiness was when I saw Alice in Chains live at the mosh pit and Mike Inez gave me his guitar pick.
True happiness was Fayçal made me happy unconditionally, which covered the entire 2012 even though those were short moments.
True happiness was catching guppies in Taipei
True Happiness is liberty, unconditional and Pure.

Happiness was Juvi stopped playing with his furry friends and ran over to me, it was like "Hey, don't leave me." He made me smile :)
Happiness is Juvi running, playing and tagging happily.
Happiness is saying "How are you" to the people at the office everyday, hearing them saying they are good.
Happiness was when people think of you unconditionally, care for you and your future unconditionally.
Happiness was going to Marina Bay Sands with Fayçal in 2012.
Happiness was where I played and fed the kangaroos in Oz.
Happiness was listening to The Charlatans, The Only One I know when I was young.
Happiness was when I was still in school, studying Strategic Thinking & Skills Module where Mr Azmi and those bunch of classmates whom care for me and made me smile.
Happiness was where I gave people extra to make them smile.
Happiness was when people are humane and kind to me whichever country I was in.
Happiness was eating oysters at Taipei and riding the horse up to the mountain in Semarang.
Happiness is giving, sharing and caring.

I still try and stay happy these days, even though after August 2013, everything was not true anymore... I can't believe that happened. I can't accept it. I refuse to accept it. :( Sometimes you made a mistake, everything just gone away from you.
I really hope one day I will be able to find back my happiness and true happiness again.
And I wish everyone is able to find their happiness and true happiness.

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