Saturday, May 18, 2013

Review: Evil Dead 2013

Finally watched The Evil Dead 2013, theatre no more!
Always love horror films since I was young.
Just thought I might do a quick review for this?
- A remake, well I can't exactly said it's a remake, by Fede Alvarez, of course Bruce Campbell is one of the producers inside too! This film...everyone(The Evil Dead fans I am sure) has been waiting for...

This 2013 horror film shows a group of students entering a cabin where each and everyone of them is being possessed by the demon.
the clock evil dead

slit throat evil dead

To be honest, I would prefer the Evil Dead franchise which is one of the best way better than this. Original. Fresh. Gore.
I do not like any relationship involved where the storyteller wants us to gain empathy towards the actor, however sexuality does attract the audience.
Adapted too much of the asian horrors.
See what I meant now:
The Slit Throat Woman 
the slit throat woman

The Eye 10- The book of the 10 encounters?! It has somewhat got a bit of influenced from there, also using the pictures to depict what is happening next from The Last Exorcism.

Best part: I really love the music being played inside; the so called horror-calm music gave me the feeling of freedom and I just want to escape further and further; away from this island. Good SFX. Good choice of names: D.E.M.O.N.

Creativity: 1/5
Setting: 2/5
Storyline: 2/5
Music: 4/5
SFX: 5/5
Overall, I would give a 3/5 to this film.

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