Saturday, May 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Heinz!

Just really busy and tired for the past few weeks and since work started- no break!

Yesterday was our agency training and glad it went well! I got really nervous when I was presenting myself to the directors as it was a ten-minute presentation. Fast-paced!

Almost got killed Wednesday at CBD... Never gonna take that risk again...

Actually sent these out to H last week at the airport. I hope he has received by now!

birthday card from art box korea

birthday card

Words that I shared with H has been blurred. Secret! 

A year older, me too. Wondering if there will be any chance we would be together someday soon?
I wondered what he is doing for his birthday, of course, I do know that someone special will be celebrating with him. :)

It's too far away between me and him to celebrate together. Different location, different hours. Even when I am blogging this, it's already 19 May 2013, over his side, 6 more hours to midnight. Always remember his favourite colour is Green.

Happy birthday Heinz! I wish all is well by your side! 
A year older! A year smarter! A year wiser! 
I hope you are taking care of your health! 
Much love

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