Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Birthday to me!

May 15th 2013

So finally, I am officially XX years old today.
H's birthday is on Sunday.

Alors, happy birthday to me! Well I don't really celebrate my birthday- been like this for years now!
In the morning, I was thinking what I was going to do tonight:

I actually did two of the three. I went to MBS for a walk, took some shots and went to the airport to check some flights out. Was around 19h00ish, and it was raining, hence I could not go for a swim, might go on Friday's evening. Hope the weather will be good by then.
I always love MBS. It was once a moment of happiness. Whenever I visited there, it brought back a lot of memories between me and F.

Leaving on Friday, might change to Saturday.
Some shots:

cbd singapore

marina bay sands

marina bay sands

marina bay sands

Inside the Shoppes @ MBS

 the shoppes @ marina bay sands

 the shoppes @ marina bay sands

 the shoppes @ marina bay sands

I met Greg today and he got me this(my birthday present haha). Supposed to learn French, ended up on Arabic! Must do well this time round!

arabic book

He is such a nice guy! Indeed, a smart german! Haha.

First word to remember: Ba!!

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