Tuesday, July 2, 2013

BKK: To go or not to go

I have always love Thailand, the land of smiles.

My first trip there was last September. Having vivid memories of the happiness there, I landed myself there last December and initially found a job also met Martin.
Definition of the happiness here is Freedom.

That trip was a five-day trip, and a get away from here.
It was too stressful as I was having troubles with many things; work, pressure from internal sources, and F... I believe the biggest reason was F. Things that he said, things that he promised. I was waiting for his news and silly-ing believing everything that he said...

I have plans to go again, or maybe I should land myself in Egypt or Cambodia. I am not sure yet.

Two months down the road, don't know where life will take me again.

Creator, give me a signal could you?

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