Sunday, July 14, 2013

Friday night: Le Carillon de L'angelus

Last Friday night I headed down to Le Carillon de L'angelus right after my work for a quick drink with an acquaintance that I have met since we both worked in CBD. 

It was my first time heading down to the venue and I got pretty lost because I have never been there before and have never met anyone there before as well. I even got the wrong person there! Nightmare...
Don't know whether I will ever go back there again really! 
The road along Ann Siang Hill and Club Street is pretty weird for me. 
Too much people. Too much drinkers. Too much crowds. Too much weird people there.
The last time I went there was to Spizza with my team for lunch. 
Thought they gonna have some vodkas for me but they only sell wines I guessed. 
I must say the one I ordered it a bit dry and made me cough a little bit.

Took a shot with lighting on with my old camera. 
See how dark it was! 
Le Carillon de L'angelus is a french bar that sells wine and french food of course! I didn't order any because I got tired of eating french food for the past few months.. Foie gras especially... 

Now, I only fancy the food in Urban Bites. Not sure how long I am staying, guess wouldn't be long since I am leaving next month I guessed.

Also, already booked the ticket to Bangkok.

睡了下去,却梦到了“”他“”。“”他“” 回来了。只能在远离的地方默默地看着他,也没走过去。因为,想要留着他,但却发现他会离开。所以,就醒了过来。

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