Sunday, July 21, 2013


I have not been blogging. Been busy with my work, my designs(!), teaching, watching many horror films. Many things have been happening at the same time.
I have watched quite a fairly amount of horror films during the midnight lately.

- Detention of The Dead
- Slasher House
- Beneath
- The ABCs of Death
- Saturday Morning Mystery
- The Demented
- Would You Rather

My next film to watch: Jugface

I am still waiting for Franck's reply. Hoping for good news. After five months of searched, I got landed here. After another two weeks of searched, I am exhausted...

I have been really exhausted lately.

Till only yesterday, I got the chance to buy Juvi's dog food with my cousin when he drove me there and we actually went for a ride the whole Sunday! I was glad, thought I would be stuck with work. 

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