Friday, September 20, 2013

Long, long walk...

I went to Pita & Olives again for lunch. Pretty funny when the owners recognised me and I got plenty of food! So full! They are always rushing because it was during the lunch hours and I saw the owner's mum got a burn mark on her forearm :( She even asked whether I enjoyed the food and of course I do...

Sabich which consists of grilled eggplants, hummus and tahini

I am a fan of eggplants and I really love the meal there, it is just delicious and healthy I must say. 
I haven't been going to Urban Bites since the first day of work. Tired of lamb for a while. I have been eating lots of veggies and fruits. After I have known Vahan, he was the one whom made me start to love fruits... Hey I haven't really eaten fruits for many years haha. 
The last time I went there, the moment I ate the lunch special, I had a nostalgic feeling: the staff never change, they still know I love their daily lunch special and they know I love onions and namoura..., the food tasted the same as well. But somehow, the yearning to eat at Urban Bites has long gone even though they have shifted and they even changed their plates, furnitures and interior designs too... Sometimes, things changed, people don't change. Sometimes, people changed, and things don't change...

Then I went to Royal Plaza on Scotts to see the F1 car which is made of pastas! The display will end on this Monday. It was made by a group of 18 chefs and culinary staff taking them 1130 hours to complete it!

Length: 4.4m
Width: 1.9m
Height: 1.3m 
Wheelbase: 2.9m

Type of pastas used: Penne, Large shells, Elbow pasta, vegeroni spirals, wholemeal spirals, large spirals, spinach fettuccine, wholemeal spaghetti and squid ink pasta! So many types of pastas from San Remo!

I took a photo this afternoon again. There are many ships and ferries passing by!

This is taken at the North Tower at Raffles Quay on my way back home. Work ended early today because of F1. And in order to avoid the massive traffic jams as well.

Took a photo of MBFC again. I always love to see these buildings where the glass reflects another building or marina bay sands and see the beautiful sky. I think it will lead me to Raffles MRT if I am not wrong. I don't remember anymore, in the past, Fayssal used to lead the way.

Given the time at 1600ish, it was very hot. And I was burning!

So given the free hours, I decided to walk outside of Marina Bay Sands for a while, from front to the end. I just want to experience the crowds as well as looking more things. I was really thinking about Fayssal and how happy I was back then... Heinz as well... I don't know the situation. I wondered a lot...

So I walked pass the restaurants, one by one, also wanting to see the arabic restaurant, and I saw a person whom I once met before. This person was sitting down alone, using his ipad or tablet, having a drink; Ice coffee I guessed, wearing a white t shirt and a short. I thought he was Vahan and I really thought he was. My mind started to wander around. I told myself not to go back and look for him, maybe he was waiting for someone, why didn't he contact me, why didn't he talk to me for weeks, why was he here, why didn't he work today, and a lot, a lot of questions start to come to me and my heart was in sudden pain... So I told myself not to think about anything anymore and the fact that I really missed him a lot and I just wanted to ask how he was doing that's all, so I turned back and went up to him; hoping he was still there. I went in and tapped onto his shoulder. To my surprised, it was not him; I believed. I saw the wrong person, but how could that happen? But this guy is fairer, more fairer than him. More meatier than him.

I put my faith in something unknown, ended up you gave me nothing. Those pure moments were gone. I guessed you are not coming back.

I thought I saw you today. Same face, same expression, same dressing. I went towards you and saw you turnaround looking at me, but it was not you. I said "Sorry, wrong person." and walked away, turned back again for the last look, you was still using your tablet. But you wasn't you but you resembled you.
The tablet holder you use is red, but you is red as well? You broke your Samsung Galaxy headset because of me but this person was listening from his headset. You don't drink caffeine but fruit juices. I don't see you wearing sports shoe but crocs slippers or cover shoes.
Your skinnier in fact, even though you have a little tummy because you tend to eat a lot when your here.
Your taller than you.
You will always look at me from the back and you never.

I missed you Vahan. I hope we can get back again someday...

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