Thursday, September 19, 2013

Lunch journey to Gardens by the Bay

Pretty lovely! The weather was good, luckily it didn't rain. Surprisingly, my colleagues were saying it rained heavily in CBD and I was like no? 

I went to explore Gardens by The Bay and prior to my previous post where I went to Verandah.

joanna lai
The Windy Wind!

The road to Heritage Gardens
This is a statue by Marc Quinn. It shows a little child almost floating in the air by lifting one of his hands up for support.
It is called Planet.

Fishes were gathering here because they thought I was going to feed them!

Lavender flowers!

The timing to the two Bays! 
Actually what I noticed from taking the bus for these past days was that, the people were actually taking advantages of the buses. Some of them took from Bangkok Bank and stopped at The Promontory. There were even people asking what is Satay by The Bay and asking whether does the bus go to The Esplanade.

Well I was pretty upset and disappointed to be honest. I wanted to go to Spike Asia 2013 and they actually asked for volunteers. They gave this opportunity to another colleague because she is from China and our clients are from China. So I went up last week to ask again as I did not get an answer from the head and she went to Hong Kong. So the other person said she was part of it and asked me for my details and would get back to me to assist during the weekdays, later, I got news again. She wasn't present at work so the assistant gave me her contact to give her a call. I called her and she sounded unhappy, saying she doesn't know and would get back to me.

In this world, there are three kinds of people. 
One, who doesn't bother to reply you, which makes you feel uncertain whether you would be going or not. Two, who gave you false hope; telling you this could happen and that could happen, but ended up saying they don't know, they have to check and would get back to you. 
If they are not interested or have enough people to assist, why can't they just tell me or drop me an email so I don't have to wait for something stupidly that would never happen seriously?
Third, who gives you a direct answer. Telling you, yes or no; with a valid reason. I like the third one.

After all, I could only say they are so proud, so fake, so shallow, so judgemental, like the previous agency. 
I could only say good luck to them in their life and look in the mirror instead. Luckily I was not part of that agency. 

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