Saturday, October 26, 2013

District 1 - Ho Chi Minh City

My third day in HCM before I was gone!
I was in a rush because time went quick that day. Luckily the hotel enabled me to check out at 1400 and had my breakfast there. They were thoughtful. The eggs were finished and the chief cooked a new one for me and I really appreciated that.

Saw a lot of stray puppies on the street
After my breakfast in the hotel, I went for a quick tour around District 1 to see what else it offered since my trip to the zoo was cancelled! Lol.
I had a thorough walk in Cho Ben Thanh Market/ Ben Thanh Market in the early morning and it was pretty fruitful. I saw a lot of stall vendors selling fishes and crabs early in the morning and they were real busy!

Ben Thanh Market

Fresh fishes being sold in the early morning, together with crabs
Knitted handbags made from silk
They sell many handbags and accessories, clothings as well as antiques. You have got to bargain. Otherwise, the price they are selling to you is going to be a "money" sucker deal lol.
I bargained a lot this time round and finally got what I wanted. I didn't find any pet stalls unfortunately :( so nothing for Juvi. :( I bought some textiles, bags and clothes. I thought of getting a T shirt for Vahan but I am not sure he would want it or not so in the end, I never. The last time when I was in Bangkok, I bought a T shirt for him but he said we shouldn't go out again and later we did... So much misunderstandings between us...
Bitexco Financial Tower on the right
A traditional vietnamese woman cycling wearing a mask

Paint brushes and acrylic/ oil paints for sale
Travel books and post cards
Vietnam used to be a communist country, that is why you would definitely see a lot of posters or propagandas which are still present now. The colours usage are very similar to the ones used in North Korea in order to promote "something". Instead of words itself, they like to use drawings to depict an action and writing in words as well. I love it, I will never see something like this in Singapore. Just road signs, using vector arts.
Ho Chi Minh Square
Ho Chi Minh Square
Notre Dame Cathedral ho chi minh city
Notre Dame Cathedral
Notre Dame Cathedral ho chi minh city
I thought I was in Paris... 
Central Post Office ho chi minh city
Central Post Office

In front of the Saigon Opera House. Very nice architecture.  
Saigon Opera House

I was really happy and I really have had a wonderful experience during my three-day stay in Ho Chi Minh City. My peace was achieved! 
Liberty. Yay! 
Places that I visited during my stay:
Binh Tay Market
Cho Ben Thanh Market
Mekong River
Notre Dame Cathedral
Ho Chi Minh Square
Central Post Office
Saigon Opera House

Bye bye Vietnam!
Flying back to Singapore and enjoyed my moslem food with Vietnam Airlines. 
After I alight, guessed what did I see at the carousel? Rethink travel campaign...  
changi airport rethink travel campaign

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