Friday, November 15, 2013

Saying goodbye for the last time

After a few months, Creator did not make it happen.
It gave me something, it took back something, and finally It returned me back with something.
It's like, "Hey, I need this back." "But I need it so much at the moment." "Since you need it so badly, take it back."(you know it was a used trash, telling me blindly)
I have figured out that Creator will always want the best for me and I do appreciate that.

Dear Creator, thanks for being very kind and very nice to me.
Especially things did not work at Harbourfront, I have my CBD back. :)
Thank you so much.
I also figured out the relation I had was toxic, but I refused to wake up. But I will now, I do now. Thank you :)

So for the last time,
"In fact, I got an offer to harbourfront. Seems like I have an answer now to decline when it's processing :) Just thought we could be closer, unfortunately you don't feel the same as I do for you. Words that you said don't count for every seconds or moments, I am sure you dont truly mean what you said when we were together :) That is fine.

I think I will always be alone so I guess the only solution for me is to go back to the isolation mode; being reclused. That is for the best.

So I wish u all the best for your upcoming future. Take care and good luck :) "

I wish you well Vahan, as long as you happy and healthy, I will be glad for you...
I am tired of your games and your words. I never wanted anything from you, just your care.
At least, I know we have something in common: you know I wouldn't ignore you, vice versa.

Also, thanks Cindy for making this to happen! In the meantime, thanks for making this not to happen at the same time! :)

Exactly one year onwards:

We had buffet. Plenty of food at Tung Lok Restautant.

Patrick drove us up and it was like 11ish storey high!

Same place, same location, same people, same food, different people, different seats, different food, different taste.
It has been a year-ish!
Fayssal! I wondered how are you doing! I miss you so much! I just want you to be safe!

Heinz, I love you. I still love you. I love you a lot. You came in to my life as an angel of god. You made me today. If you never happened in my life, I wouldn't have become what I am today. I hope you read this, maybe the chance is slim, and we could get back soon. You always make the right decision even if it's for me...

I am back on track. 

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