Thursday, May 30, 2013

Missing someone...

It's a funny thing whenever I see someone is in a relationship and I will forever think about the both of us.

mongkong hongkong
A lady embracing his man of her life in Hong Kong

Went for a meeting yesterday for some design work.
Met the boss and a female staff. I thought they were brother and sister. Turned up,the lady told me she is her boyfriend! Always smiling and envy about others.
I always wish all the couples would last forever so that no one will get hurt from each relationship!!! And that girl must be a very nice and a caring girl, and that is why the boyfriend likes about her. :)

我希望这个世界都充满许多的爱!(I wished the world is filled with lots of love!)

Maybe I didn't really understand you very well back then, why not give us a chance to do all over again? We can finally meet now, I don't mind going to Pretoria.

I always listen to Olly and some others whenever I think of you.

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